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sir william russell flint original paintings
sir william russell flint original water colours
Sir William Russell Flint
Original Watercolours

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sir william russell flint signed limited editions
sir william russell flint signed limited edition prints
Sir William Russell Flint
Signed limited editions

Paintings and limited editions of Sir W. Russell Flint


French Binding

print french binding mounts
A beautiful hand made french bound mount that usually enhances some of the finest artwork.

Paintings and prints by Sir William RussellFlint

We have specialized in the paintings and prints by Russell Flint for over thirty years, and have on display
hundreds of his prints, signed and unsigned; Also original paintings and red chalk drawings.
La Chabroulie, is close to Brantome where Russell Flint produced many of his wonderful paintings, here in Dordogne is a beautiful relaxing House in France ideal for holidays.
The prints, particularly the signed, limited edition prints (ie. pre 1969) were very sought after at the publication date,
and the entire edition could be sold out within several hours of release.
There is no 'second' edition, these are the original signed, limited editions that have over the years become highly collectable and
sought after works of art, some of which are over seventy years old.

We are specialists in the work of Russell Flint and have for sale hundreds of his limited editions
and a good selection of watercolours
The Dordogne has always been a favourite for Russell Flint, and he has produced many highly acclaimed works of art, close to the picturesque towns of St. Jean deCole and Brantome is La Chabroulie,
Particularly collectable prints are those which have been personally signed and published as a limited edition.
In fact when published, the whole limited edition was often bought within hours.
These prints do not exist in any other form, there is only one limited edition signed print run, which is copyrighted, these art works are now extremely collectable
the earlier ones date back some 70 years.

His unique style has elevated Sir William and his work to the highest realms of the watercourist's world, and enjoys the respect and admiration of many fellow artists, critics and collectors alike.
World renowned David Shepherd artist is of particular importance, his work can be viewed at one of our sites. The paintings and signed prints are an amazing expression that captures the feeling and the character of a scene. It must be mentioned that the artwork of one particulary successful artist some forty to fifty years ago has now moved into enormous prominence both artistically and financially.
The artwork of Mr Lowry continues to climb in financial terms at an incredible velocity and has now become of greater value than such modern masters as Picasso.