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The biography of Sir W. Russell Flint

In 1912, Sir William Russell Flint and his wife went to Italy where they rented a studio in Rome. There he discovered a local model called Peppina from Anticoli Corrado in the Sabine Hills. This girl, with her rural charm and beauty, was such a perfect subject for William that he soon became enchanted by the freedom of the Sabine Hills and the peasant girls who lived there. Far removed from city culture, William was so inspired by the imagery and drama of their lives that even time spent in Florence and Venice could not surpass his discovery in rural Italy.


William was in charge of Airships during the war. This took him back to his native Scotland, where in 1919 he painted a tiny watercolour called Hilda´s Bonnet on the linen of a fragment of the Airship 24 that he had previously commanded.


Post World War I, William Russell Flint´s artistic career began to flourish. He decided to become a full time painter, ceasing his work as an illustrator, and for a time the colourful fashions of his female models reflected the cultural changes taking place after the deprivation of the War. Leaving London he travelled to Spain and France, until the Civil War, where he produced wonderful paintings reflecting the local scenery and culture.
He was elected Associate of the R.A. in 1924. After living on a turkey farm near Totnes, Devon during the Second World War, he and his wife moved back to London where the post war period became Russell Flint´s greatest. His skill with watercolours and in depicting the female formcreated a hallmark style which would later become legendary.
In 1947 W. RussellFlint was knighted by King George VI alongside the actor, Laurence Olivier and the musician, Malcolm Sargent. In 1962 an exhibition of his work was shown in R.A. where more than 21,000 visitors attended. At the time, Charles Wheeler, the President, paid tribute to the artist, describing his watercolour technique as a ´baffling skill´.


RussellFlint died in December 1969, aged 89. He left a legacy of fine and highly collectable watercolours for the world to admire. A modest man, he always remained genuinely grateful for the talent he had been born with and once said "I have always painted for fun. If it ceased to be fun I would stop painting".

Francis Murray Russell Flint (ROI, SMA 1915-1977)
Francis Murray Russell Flint, born 3rd June, 1915
His father was Sir W. Russell Flint,
and throughout his career he achieved the status of a highly talented artist in his own right.
He was educated at Cheltenham College and HMS Conway,
and later at the Grosvenor School of Modern Art, Royal Academy Schools and later the RA in Paris.
He worked for a while as the art master at Hurstpierpoint College, Sussex.
and lived at Burgess Hill in Sussex and Coffinswell, S.Devon and London W8.
Francis Murray Russell Flint was an Offical War Artist during WWII.
Exhibiting at....
The Royal Academy,
The Royal Watercolour Society,
The Royal Society of Marine Artists,
The Imperial War Museum.
He became vice-president of The Royal Watercolour Society,
and was a highly celebrated and respected watercolourist throughout his career.
Francis Murray Russell Flint died in Spain, 1977.

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SirWilliam Russell Flint- A brief history
Russell Flint was well known as a Scottish artist, namely known for the works and watercolours he created during the course of his art career. Most of the watercolour paintings he created, and was best known for, were the ones he designed which depicted women. Tempera, oils, and print making, were other forms of art that Mr. Russell Flint was also known to have created during the course of his career.

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The education Mr. Russell Flint received includes: - an apprenticeship as a lithographic draftsman , while he was taking classes at Royal Academy of Art (Edinburgh). - Working as a medical instructor, while taking part time classes at Heatherley's Art School; and, - Studying independently at the British Museum. Upon completion of his studies, Russell Flint began work as an artist for the London News (1903 to 1907). He also published various watercolours for a number of books, which depicted some of his early works in the art form he perfected.

Russell Flint was also President for Britain's Royal Society of Painters in Watercolours. Throughout the course of his career, Russell Flint got much influence in the works he created from his visits to Spain. During his visits, he became extremely interested in the Spanish dancers, and the art form which they were working in. During his career, he also depicted many of these dancers in a number of the watercolours that he created and sold. Russell Flint did enjoy some commercial success for the works he did throughout his career as well, but he did not receive too much from the art critics of his time. Many did not appreciate the nature of his work, nor the way he depicted the female figure and body in the works that he produced and let out to the general public.

For those who enjoy the many Russell Flint art works, and the watercolours that have been developed by the artist, there are many ways to purchase prints of his work online, through museums, and through other outlets as well.Russell Flint is arguably, one of the greatest watercolour painters of the last century, and although not appreciated by all, his works do sell for rather high prices, due to the elaborate design and nature, the paintings he produced and the design features, detail and design styles, and the unique nature of the works that he created during his career, are all reasons his work is highly sold and publicized.

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Other sources claim that Russell Flint received much of the influence for his work from France, and not Spain, as many articles claim. He enjoyed painting in the open air, and applying board washes over charcoal outlines, to give his work a unique design, texture, and appearance. When designing his work, he would initially only design the layout and the outline, leaving figures and characters out of the work. He would then, upon returning to London, create the characters, and at his own leisure time, would complete the painting with the figure of choice for the work he chose to depict in any particular background. Russell Flint was also a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy. In 1947 he was also knighted, for the services to art he had developed during the course of his career.

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In his earlier works, Sir William developed a fascination for different characters and figures which he would include in many of the watercolours he created. From ballerinas, to dancers, and acctresses, he appreciated the female form, and all the beauty that came along with it. Cecillia Green is however the model that he is most associated with, and the woman that has had the most influence on the many art pieces he had created during the course of his career in art. For the 15 years after he met her in 1953, she became a muse to all of his art work, and to the many pieces he painted, and she became one of the most widely seen figures in the many pieces he created over the years.

Regardless of the work he created, Russell Flint was very strict about the quality of the printing, and expected the highest standards for all of the works that were republished and sold. He did appeal to the masses, and he designed pieces that fell in line with what most collectors were looking for in a watercolour painting. With many pieces in print, he was one of the highest selling painters of his time, and still today, he has sold more watercolour designs than many other artists who have gone through the same type of work, due to the fact that he learned what collectors were looking for in a piece, and he designed the art work that he created around those central images and scenes that most sold.

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Russell Flint painted and continue to do work until his death in 1969. The pieces he created during the later years of his career were limited, and are some of the most desired pieces from his collections, due to the fact that there were so few in circulation, that true collectors wanted to own some of his later works. Limited edition paintings still were still being sold after his death, and today, paintings are still reproduced due to the demand by collectors who love the work and the style in which Russell Flint created his most famous pieces.

Today collectors and fans of his work can purchase reprints from many places. With a limited edition painting being put up on a regular basis, new art works are still being published, and collectors can purchase the paintings they want to add to their collection. Whether you are a fan of Russell Flint and his work, a fan of watercolours, or are simply a collector that wants the most obscure pieces, there are quite a few in the collection he had amassed during the course of his career. As one of the most well known watercolour painters, collectors of all art works either own, or want to purchase one of the many pieces created by Russell Flint during his illustrious career.

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His unique style has elevated Sir William and his work to the highest realms of the watercourist's world, and enjoys the respect and admiration of many fellow artists, critics and collectors alike.
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